Angela Sarah North

Angela Sarah North has over 500 hours of training in ayurvedic consulting and yoga. She weaves together restorative, therapeutic, hatha, meditation & yin yoga. Angela Sarah also weaves together her knowledge of TCM, Ayurveda and seasonal living. Her specialty and deepest love is Yin Yoga. Rooted in Traditional Chinese
Medicine it incorporates organ health and their emotional/seasonal associations. To live in a daily ritual of some kind connecting to breath, our own heartbeat, to the Mother of us all and all her infinite offerings, we then
align to a primordial rhythm. And, this primordial rhythm carries us.

About Sankalpa Ayurveda

San means connection to highest Truth; Kalpa means to vow or rule to be followed above all others. Sankalpa is our deepest intention. It is consciously awakening to what it means and feels like to be living life in accordance with one’s highest truth.

Sankalpa Ayurveda is a practice for Women. It is a safe haven to embrace the Beauty of one’s becoming. Of our remembering to reclaim our own listening. It is aligning with the seasons, with breath, our own heartbeat,
and attuning to Mother Nature and her primordial wisdom. When we align our inner rhythms to nature’s rhythm we are carried in a way we could never create on our own. Ayur=Life, Veda=Knowledge/Wisdom. 
Ayurveda is living a life deeply informed. We are Nature. Ayurveda is a roadmap, a trailguide, a compass to aligning, attuning and remembering our Sacred Self.

Living in Rhythm, Ritual & Routine