Ayurvedic Consulting


Ayurvedic Consultations with Angela Sarah

When we awaken to our Sacredness, we bless the whole world
— Maya Tiwari


Initial consultation includes knowing and understanding your Prakruti, your unique constitution/dosha and understanding your current Vikruti, your imbalance.

Angela Sarah will offer you guidance on western/chinese and ayurvedic herbs
& flower essences, yoga postures & practices, pranayama (breathwork), meditation and dinacharya, the daily rhythms.

Daily rhythms, ritual & routines will be prescribed to assist, support and deeply nourish you.Angela Sarah will be offering her services on a reduced rate as she is still undergoing her studies and apprenticeship.

Initial 2 hour consultation - $90 (prices increase to $150 come 2019)
In this 2 hour consultation you will learn your vikruti (imbalance) and how
to restore yourself into greater balance through the wisdom of Ayurveda,
sacred plant medicine and other healing modalities.

Follow up 60 minute sessions - $45 (prices increase to $85 come 2019)
In the follow up session we will see how things are going, accountability,
where support is needed, celebrations and deepen your knowledge of the
wisdom Ayurveda has to offer.